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Artificial Green Wall

Artificial Green Wall

Luxury Gardens UK is the UK's leading Supplier of Water Features, Luxury Pots & Planters.

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Luxury Gardens UK's lush synthetic foliage vertical green wall panels creates a beautiful green environment for indoor and outdoor spaces. Perfect for wall coverings and to give added privacy. The artifiical green wall systems are provided in 100cm x 100cm panels and have been designed to ensure an even natural looking coverage of pre-planted fake plants over large and small interior or exterior areas. 

Panel Details

  • Instant green walls
  • Colour tones which mimic living plants
  • UV safe
  • Light and easy to self install
  • Durable panels
  • Customisable with a range of tropical, colourful or traditional additional plants available 
  • Interlocking system creates a seamless hedge finish 
  • No maintenance required

There are many benefits to artifcial living wall panels, they are the perfect way to neaten up your garden or hide an unsightly wall in your home or office. Normal growing confitions are not required with this faux wall foliage, meaning that you can place it anywhere in your home or garden. Light is not required and excessive rain is not an issue. If you have poor soil conditions in your outdoor area, artificial living wall is your solution.