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Artificial Blossoming Spring Green Wall

£109.95 Product Code SKU_0C5E5FEE

Ferns, grasses, Ivy and succulents with blossoming Buxus.

This carefully selected combination of artificial plants work perfectly when used for the contemporary idea of a vertical garden or more commonly named 'green wall' The combination we have selected comprises ferns, grass plants, ivy and succulent style foliage and blossoming Buxus.

Green walls have come a long way in the past couple of years, bringing realistic-looking flora and fauna to your home and garden.

Do you have a problem in your garden? 

We’re talking about unsightly brickwork, the back of a garage or outbuilding, a fence that’s seen better days or anything that calls for a visual distraction or simply needs covering up.

Available to buy off the roll and by the metre, green walls look realistic and transform the ugliest of surfaces from eyesore to eye-candy in a jiffy! Easy to install, maintenance-free, evergreen and always beautiful. Our green wall products are UV resistant and available in a range of foliage styles.

Do you want more greenery in your life?

Big blank spaces, narrow problem walls or busy thoroughfares in your home are often tricky to 'dress' or get right. 

Plants don’t have to be in pots, don’t have to be in the garden and don’t even have to be green!

Green wall frames work in awkward-to-dress areas of the home or where you require a new look. They’re particularly good in contemporary décor styles adding colour, softness and interest.

Do flowers make you smile?

Simple pleasures are often all that's needed to brighten your day.

There’s a flower for every space, every occasion and every person. You can have flowers in your home permanently as decoration, as part of your room, and as part of your life.

Green wall flower panels offer the beauty and simplicity of flowers that you’ll see and enjoy every day. You choose your flowers and frame, and we’ll create a floral still-life to rival any masterpiece.  

Does your garden still inspire you?

The British garden is changing, the lines defining outside and inside are blending and so are the rules on using space, light and colour. Real plants are coming into the home, artificial ones are coming out into the garden and what's real and what's not doesn't matter. What does matter is what works for you.

We offer a friendly, no-obligation service to help you choose the display items that reflect your space and your tastes. We make bespoke displays of any scale, colours and themes.

Call us on 0800 999 3055 to see how easy it is to let greenery thrive!

Artificial Blossoming Spring Green Wall

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