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Flower Clouds by Linda Barker and Luxury Gardens UK

Flower Clouds by Linda Barker and Luxury Gardens UK

Luxury Gardens UK is the UK's leading Supplier of Water Features, Luxury Pots & Planters.

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Devised and designed by Interior Designer Linda Barker, Flower Clouds are an all year opportunity to add colour and impact to your interior or exterior spaces, with the everlasting feel of fresh foliage.  These sturdy frames of faux-flowers are specially made to decorate the empty ceiling spaces of your rooms, areas that are normally so hard to get right with conventional design schemes.

Whether you need to visually lower a ceiling, frame a reception desk, soften a bar area, add romance over the dining tables, or just throw a splash of glorious colour into your rooms - Flower Clouds will add instant ‘maintenance free’ foliage into tricky areas that you never though you could utilise, but the very areas that everybody will notice, once you’ve got them looking gorgeous. 

After installation Flower Clouds need no water, so will keep looking glamorous forever - even if you can’t easily get to them.  If you do want to ring the changes, Linda has designed several variations to cater for different seasons or different colour schemes.  Easy to hang, simple to look after, and wonderful to look at - Flower Clouds are the quickest way to make the longest lasting difference to your venue. 

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