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Artificial Bay Tree (Green)

Code: AT6


Height 4ft  (120cm ) x width 40cms - 819 leaves. Height 5ft  (150cm ) x width 50cms - 1092 leaves. All dimensions are measured from the bottom of the stem to the top of the leaf canopy. 

Artificial Bay Tree - This replica bay laurel tree is our most popular artificial topiary tree due to its classic yet contemporary look which lends itself well to so many styles and spaces.

The faux bay tree foliage has a dense covering with beautifully lush green leaves. The foliage is darker with more Emerald tones towards the centre of the tree which emulates the older and more mature foliage. At the tips the foliage is lighter and lusher which is to replicate the new growth.

To ensure this tree is Botanically accurate the foliage even has a vein pattern running through the leaf. The stem itself is also replica to ensure it is robust enough to withstand all of the outdoor elements.

You would not know this is a replica stem as it has been made from a cast taken from a living bay stem with all the details of real wood.

Quality - These artificial Bay trees are premium quality made using top quality silks and plastic to ensure their longevity. Our fake bay trees are visually pleasing and also feel real to touch.

They have a botanically accurate leaf structure along with a perfectly moulded and hand painted stem. This stem is also synthetic which means it is hardy to the outdoor elements and prevents the tree from rotting as a wooden stem would.

These fake bay trees are UV stable which means they are protected against fading when exposed to sunlight. Please note we have recently changed our bay trees in order to enhance the quality.

If you need your bay tree to match previous orders (pre Spring 2017) get in touch and we will see if we can arrange this for you.

Finishing touches - You can either choose to have you bay tree unpotted or potted. If you would like a potted tree, simply choose your planter from the drop down menu above.

If you would like your tree potted to a specific height please mention this in the customer comments box when you process your order.

 Interesting Fact - In classical times, the Greeks dedicated the bay tree to Apollo, the god of medicine, as it was considered to increase happiness and health.

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