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The importance of having a perfect commercial interior is undeniable. No matter your commercial setting and environment, several benefits come with creating the perfect interior for both office and retail settings. Here at Luxury Gardens, we have everything you need to create your dream commercial interior. 

The Power of Interior Accessories in Commercial Interiors 

Interior accessories within your commercial space play a significant role in shaping the overall ambience of your interior. Your commercial accessories are the final finishing touches that can completely transform a once-basic space into an inspiring, productive and inviting environment. Interior accessories also have the power to enhance your brand identity, elevate customer experience and boost employee morale. Here’s how you can create the perfect commercial interior with Luxury Garden’s interior accessories. 

Enhance Brand Identity 

Interior accessories can act as extremely effective tools when it comes to enhancing and reinforcing your brand identity, this could be the driving factor in making you stand out from your competitors. 
By using interior accessories that align with your company’s logo, brand colours and general aesthetic, you can create a memorable experience for your customers. Every business’ aesthetic is different - a beauty salon may want to incorporate funky and colourful pieces and accessories whereas a law firm may opt for traditional pieces to create a sense of trust between clients and staff. Here at Luxury Gardens UK, we have all of that and everything in between! 

Improving Customer Experience 

As well as allowing your business to stand out, interior accessories can also help improve customer experience — particularly in environments where customers are likely to spend more time, for example, in restaurants or a hotel lobby. 
First impressions for customers often set the mood for the rest of their experience with you. In a restaurant, if a customer’s first impression is poor, they will subconsciously have the impression that the food is going to be poor. This is the same for a hotel lobby, if the lobby isn’t up to scratch, the visitor will have a similar impression about the rooms, before even seeing them. 
Everything from flower walls, flower clouds and plants to artwork and even fragrances can help ensure your customer experience is the best in the business. 

Raise Employee Morale 

The morale of your employees is the backbone of your business. Whether you’re in an office or retail environment, the morale of your employees is crucial. If your employees are happy then they are more likely to provide a service that will make customers happy. A visually appealing and comfortable workspace will help employees feel inspired and valued, and in turn, boost your workspace morale. 

Accessories for Your Commercial Interior 

Here at Luxury Gardens UK, we have everything you’ll need to create the perfect interior commercial space. Our interior accessories can help create an elegant and welcoming space for both employees and customers. 

Bespoke Commercial Planters 

One of the best and easiest ways to help create your ideal commercial space is by using bespoke commercial planters. Bespoke planters for your business are great for improving customer flow, brand identity and general public spaces as well as improving the overall aesthetic of your property. 
But, what’s the point of a planter if you don’t have a plant just as stunning? Luckily for you, here at Luxury Gardens, we can supply a large variety of live and artificial for your commercial planters to ensure your property looks its best! Our team have the experience and expertise to exceed your bespoke commercial planter and plant requirements — no job is too big or small. 
Our full commercial interior accessory range includes: 
Commercial Planters 
Reed Diffusers 
Commercial Artificial Plants 
Commercial Live Plants 
Commercial Greewalls 
Flower Clouds 
If you’re looking to transform the interior of your commercial space, take a look at our full commercial accessory range on our website or contact our team today for an updated product list! 
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