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Artificial Apple Blossom Tree - Pink or White




H150cm x W-75cm (dressed out)


Our artificial blossom tree is a beautiful floral tree with delicate flowers, perfect for adding a little extra colour or texture. All of our artificial blossom trees are planted free of charge in a small travel planter this allows your artificial blossom tree to be ready to put on display the moment you take delivery, also making it easy to place into a more decorative pot if you have one at home.


Our fake blossom tree foliage is made from fine silks and plastic. Advances in the manufacture of artificial planting has meant that foliage now even feels real to touch as well as been visually appealing. The leaves are lush green with a few shades of lighter greens running through the leaves to mimic the vein pattern. The stems are made from a high quality plastic that has been moulded and hand painted to emulate the traditional gnarled looking bark on a natural blossom tree stem.

Where can I use this artificial Blossom tree?

Our fake apple blossom tree is ideal to add a touch of colour or delicate floral texture to your interior space. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional look, this tree will compliment both styles with equal measure!

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