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White Squat Abstract Planter

Code: LGL096/LGL097

(L):46 x (W):46 x (H):46cm (LGL096) Large
(L):36 x (W):36 x (H):36cm (LGL097) Small

For best planting results, we recommend our own range of 100% botanically accurate Artificial Plants and Trees, crafted from premium quality silks and plastics with virtually no maintenance required and an authentic appearance, that will last all year round!

Additionally, we can pre-plant any of our planters for you and deliver them to your door, for a pre-planting service call us on 01482 580055, and tell us what you want. However, if you’re more hands on and like to do it yourself, we sell all the tools you need for planting perfection.



Introducing our Abstract Squat Planter, a stunning fusion of artistry and functionality, available in two versatile sizes to suit your preferences: Small (36cm tall) and Large (46cm tall). With a choice between classic Black and pristine White, these planters are designed to elevate your space while allowing you to express your unique style.

Modern Artistry Meets Practicality: The Abstract Squat Planter is a true testament to contemporary design. Its abstract, sculptural form adds a touch of artistic elegance to your surroundings, turning your plants into living works of art.

Two Sizes, Endless Possibilities: Whether you opt for the Small or Large size, both versions are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of plants. Choose the Small for a subtle, minimalist touch or the Large for a more commanding presence. The choice is yours.

Timeless Color Options: Select from classic Black for a bold, sophisticated look or pristine White for a clean and fresh aesthetic. Both colors are designed to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of decor styles, allowing you to personalize your space effortlessly.

Perfectly Proportioned: The planter's squat design ensures stability while showcasing your greenery beautifully. Its unique shape adds an intriguing visual element to your space, making it a conversation starter.

Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from high-quality materials, these planters are built to last. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, they can withstand the elements and continue to enhance your space for years to come.

Versatile Placement: Whether you want to brighten up your living room, add a touch of nature to your patio, or create an eye-catching display in your office, these planters are up to the task. Their versatile design suits various settings and decor styles.

Effortless Planting and Maintenance: The wide openings of these planters make planting and maintenance a breeze. Experiment with different plant combinations, seasonal arrangements, or succulent gardens with ease.

Stability Guaranteed: The base of each planter is designed for stability and balance, ensuring that your cherished plants remain secure and upright, even in high-traffic areas.

The Abstract Squat Planter is more than just a container for your plants; it's a statement piece that adds a touch of modern sophistication to your space. Whether you prefer the Small or Large size and opt for Black or White, these planters allow you to express your style and creativity while enhancing the beauty of your surroundings. Elevate your plant displays with these exceptional planters and enjoy the aesthetic charm they bring to your environment.

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