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Grey Urn

Code: LGL093

Base - (L):60 x (W):60 x (H):60cm
Pot - (L):86 x (W):86 x (H):126cm
Total Height - 186cm

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Introducing our majestic Grey Decorative Urn, a true masterpiece that combines classical elegance with a contemporary twist. With a generously sized pot measuring 126cm, a substantial base of 60cm, and an imposing total height of 186cm, this urn is designed to make a dramatic and unforgettable statement in any environment.

Timeless Beauty with a Modern Edge: Our Grey Decorative Urn offers a harmonious blend of timeless design and contemporary aesthetics. The soft grey finish adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining its classic charm, making it a versatile addition to various decor styles.

Generous Pot Size: With a pot size of 126cm, this urn provides abundant space for your creativity to flourish. Plant tall shrubs, vibrant flowers, or even small trees to create a lush and captivating focal point that exudes grandeur.

Impressive Height: Standing at an astonishing 186cm, this urn demands attention. Its sheer height adds a sense of grandeur and majesty to any setting, making it the perfect centerpiece for gardens, courtyards, or interior spaces seeking to make a bold statement.

Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this decorative urn is built to withstand the test of time. Its sturdy build ensures it can endure outdoor conditions while preserving its elegant appearance.

Versatile Placement: Whether you wish to create an eye-catching entrance, establish a captivating focal point in your garden, or infuse your interior with a touch of grand design, this urn is versatile enough to meet your creative vision and enhance your space.

Easy Planting and Maintenance: The spacious pot allows for easy planting and maintenance. Experiment with various plant combinations and seasonal arrangements to keep your space looking vibrant and inviting throughout the year.

Stability and Balance: The substantial base, measuring 60cm in diameter, ensures the urn stands securely and maintains its balance, providing you with the peace of mind that your cherished greenery is displayed safely and elegantly.

Our Grey Decorative Urn represents the epitome of elegance and grandeur. Its impressive size, timeless yet modern design, and durable construction make it the ideal choice for those who seek to create a lasting impression in their outdoor or indoor spaces. Elevate your surroundings with this magnificent urn, and experience the captivating beauty it brings to your environment.

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